No that's not a typo, I just happen to be a *nix geek. Whoami (pronounced wuhammy), is a *nix (and can also be found in *indows starting around Vista or so) command to display the current user's name.

My name is John (Johnny B is a play on a nick name) and I have been an electronics and IT professional since 1998 (at the tender young age of 17).

My journey into this profession started with the best job the US Army had to offer (here's to you 33), an electronics and IT technician in Military Intelligence (we didn't make it an oxymoron). My AIT (Advanced Individual Training) was nearly a year long, only Category IV Linguists have a longer school.

After serving my country, I dove into the private sector, specifically defense contracting and got more into IT. I worked for General Dynamics (who knows what our division name is today) for about seven years. I traveled the world and was able to be part of this generation's history (sorry G-14 classified), while doing so, I was able to experience and try my hand at almost every discipline of IT.

I have done everything from Tier nothing support on up, break/fix hardware, networking (from pulling cable to managing the network), software support, system administration and finally web application development.

Aside from a Bachelor of Science in Information System Security, security has been a hobby of mine since my first keystroke. If I had to classify myself, I would say a "White Hat" or "Ethical" is applicable. In reality, my passion is ensuring those that do not understand security concepts are educated. For those that have infrastructure, I want to get it secured.

Security is everyone's responsibility, as I was told during an environmental coordinator class "complacency is not compliancy".

Anyone can create content on a blog, but ask yourself these questions...

Raise your hand when you answer yes and keep it up until you say no.

  • When you hear the word Yum, do you think of packages and not KFC and Taco Bell (or that delicious Hershey Pie you just had) ?
  • Can you restore the content of your CMS when that script kiddie in his mom's basement manages to use an exploit to gain access and destroys all those lovely posts about your cat?
  • Can you tweak your web and database server to prevent that exploit to begin with?

Is your hand still up? No? Then I can help herd those cats and it would be my pleasure to do so!