Cancellation and Refund Policy

The legal stuff that everyone hates!

Please read the following paragraphs as it's here to protect you as well as me. I do not offer physical products that you can just return. I sell my time and expertise, this is a commodity that I can never get back.

I only offer full refunds if the following conditions are met:

  • I have not started monthly maintenance.
  • I have not begun preliminary work for a la carte services or package service.
  • I have not received credentials to your server (i.e. root access) or WordPress Site.

All other refunds will be prorated when appropriate as indicated below.

If I have received credentials for your server, WordPress site or any other type of service or software that requires authentication, I will deduct 10% of the amount to be refunded. This will be applied after other deductions and will only apply to the final prorated amount. The fee is for administrative cost to destroy sensitive data as I do not own it, you do.

For monthly maintenance, I will subtract 25% for every week that has passed before cancellation. Weeks are considered whole regardless if the service is canceled at the beginning, middle or the end of the week.

For a la carte services, I will subtract a set percentage depending on the amount of work that has progressed. I am not a commodity that can be returned and then resold to someone else at a reduced cost. My commodity is time and I will never get that back. My services are generally split into three phases, recon, execution and verification. Each phase is split into two stages, start and completion. If a phase has been started and not yet completed, then the max rate for the phase will be split in half. If the phase is complete, then the full max rate will apply. The max rates for each phase are as follows:

  • Recon - 25%
  • Execution = 50%
  • Verification - 25%

When an a la carte service is at start stage of the execution, I may impose the maximum rate depending on the nature. I will restore your system back to the original state and will also verify that it is operational. Regardless of the service, I will ensure that your server, site or any other application or software I have interacted with in the course of our business is operational.

I believe in good operational security and keeping true to this, when you cancel, I'll make sure that any sensitive data is gone from my systems. Anything that technically belongs to you, I'll arrange to get it to you, like your data that may be backed up with me or destroy it in a secure manner. Since I am nice, I will also include any notes or comments I feel you should know about your system to pass along to the next guy that comes along. Being courteous is something that is always appreciated.

At the end of the day if you should so choose to cancel, I want to depart on good terms. I will gladly accept you back anytime you are willing, no harm no foul. I will do what I feel is right to make it right.